The UK's most distinctive records management services

DeepStore has the UK's largest PD5454 compliant storage and records management facility, with over 1.8 million square metres of available space, providing unrivalled protection from both Natural and Man Made Disasters.

DeepStore specialises in long term preservation, bespoke storage solutions and tailored Document Management Services.

DeepStore offers the highest level of expertise utilising the latest technology and environmental measures to provide:

  • PD5454 compliant storage environment at comparable over ground standard storage rates
  • Digital/Electronic delivery system, eliminating unnecessary vehicle journeys and reducing carbon footprint
  • Focused professionals providing excellent customer care and service support
  • Cost reductions, for clients through improved administration, organisational efficiencies and compliance.

DeepStore provides fast effective bespoke services to both the Private and Public sectors across the UK along with Institutions requiring PD5454 storage solutions for artefacts and historical document preservation.

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DeepStore has recognized the importance of effective information governance through its membership of the NHS IG Toolkit scheme. A copy of the IG policy is available here


Archival Storage -
Winsford, Cheshire

Our Winsford site, located 150
metres below ground, enjoys unparalleled natural security and optimal storage conditions.

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Active Storage -
London and Surrey

Our two above-ground facilities offer a wide range of storage solutions and services. Each site employs the latest technology and state-of-the-art

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